Body Tricks to Avoid Disease

Body Tricks To Avoid Disease.

When the weather is uncertain, some people susceptible to disease because the immune system decline. For that to be free from the disease, know the tricks.

One way to prevent illness is to make the vaccine, but there are simple steps that can be done to boost the immune system so free of germs, viruses or other things that cause pain.

Here are simple steps that can be done, as quoted from, Tuesday (03/01/2012), namely:

1. Friends with fresh air
Continuously lived in the house does not make people free from disease, because it provides fresh air to the body can put germs in a resting position and boost the immune system.

This is because when the body is exposed to fresh air will increase natural killer cells, neutrophils and monocytes that will improve immune function.

2. relaxation
How busy activities, do not forget to give time for the body to perform relaxation. This condition should not do yoga or meditation, but can relax while doing things like. Because if you relax the body will produce cytokines that trigger a response to fight the disease.

3. washing hands
Some illnesses such as colds and flu is easily spread through touch, because it’s diligent hand washing and drying so the most effective way. This is because wet hands more easily spread the bacteria than dry hands.

4. Enough sleep
People who are constantly sleep deprived can inhibit the immune system’s ability to function optimally. Although individual sleep needs vary, but one which 3 consecutive days 7 hours of sleep less than 3-fold risk of colds.

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