Calf’s Liver (Contains Over 14 Nutrients)

Liver is really good for you.

Do you remember when you mother use to say eat your liver it’s good for you.  Then you would proceed  to pout and make all kind of disapproving faces.  Without certain nutrients our bodies would die.  Calf’s liver can provide many of the nutrients our bodies need.Liver of a calf, or more commonly know as calf’s liver, is full of nutrients, and is an excellent source of vitamin B12, vitamin A, copper, foliate, riboflavin and selenium;

Calf’s liver is a good source of zinc, Vitamin C,protein, niacin, and phosphorus; a good source of vitamin B5, vitamin B6 and iron. 

Even though calf’s liver is high in cholesterol and saturated fat, it’s concentration of so my beneficial nutrients makes it an extremely healthful food. 

Calf’s liver is a very good source of protein, it provides 49.1% of the daily value for protein in just 4 ounces.

A lot of people breath in second-hand smoke, calf’s liver is a good protection against emphysema, because it’s enriched with vitamin A.  With calf’s liver as part of your healthy way of eating, this could probably save your life.A large dose of vitamin A and zinc can significantly help your immune system function.  Vitamin A is critically important for the health of epithelial and mucosa tissues, these are the bodies first line of defense for invading organisms and toxins.

Calf’s liver contain 58.6% of the daily value for Vitamin C, which disarms free radical aqueous, preventing damage in the environments both inside and outside cells.  Inside cell are a potential result of free radical damage to DNA in cancer.  This is why a good intake of Vitamin C is associated with a reduced risk of colon cancer.

Children always say that liver taste nasty, but here are a few ways to enjoy calf’s liver:

Braise calf’s liver in mushroom and red wine

Calf’s liver sauteed with onions

Combine calf’s liver with a boiled egg and make a chopped liver spread.

Calf’s liver has over 14 nutrients.  Is there any reason why you shouldn’t be enjoying a piece of calf’s liver today?

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  1. I hated liver when I was a kid, my opinion has changed drastically.

  2. Actually, when I was a young boy I liked when Mom cooked us liver and onions; but I I never knew liver could be that good for you.

  3. I hated liver and onions as a kid but actually enjoy them now.I am anemic and it is loaded with iron.I did not know all the other benefits you just mentioned though!! Terrific write, very informative and helpful!

  4. Hated as a child and now I like it.

  5. Perhaps kids need this liver more than us. Too bad they don’t like it.

  6. There is a reason why people shouldn’t be enjoying calf liver today; the calves are tortured to provide that liver. I’m not a vegan or even a vegetarian, and I have no problem with human consumption of meat as long as the animals are treated in a humane manner, but when it comes to calves, the treatment is nothing short of intolerable cruelty. They take a calf from the mother at birth, (traumatic for both the mother and the calf). Then they chain the calf to a little 3 by 3 shed with a short chain so it can’t even walk around, because they want the muscles to deteriorate so the meat will be tender. Deprived of their mothers milk, the calves are fed a substitute formula intentionally deficient of iron and fiber, to increase the value of the calf meat when they are sold for veal. Many of these calves die from this brutal treatment before they are even sent to slaughter house at 16 weeks of age. Calf liver may be high in nutrients, but I think there are enough other places to get those same nutrients without supporting animal cruelty.

  7. In india calfs liver is banned…

  8. I hated it when I was child but its ok for me now :)
    Thanks for the article mate :)

  9. Love liver and onions with sides of rice and steamed green beans. Or on New Years Smothered liver and onions with black eyed peas Yum

  10. Knew calf’s liver was good for you but did not know it has this many nutrients. Good info!

  11. Great info regarding calf’s liver..Nice research!

  12. I have always loved liver and onions.

  13. Good article but I guess I can live without it!

  14. thanks for the information…

  15. Thank you woodlandelf for providing us with this information. I hate see anything destroyed and in such a humane way. But do we just cease to exist. The meats that we consume in our bodies are basically been done in this manner. But thank you for pointing this out. We can stop eating meat, but how many of us are willing to do that?

  16. Diamondpoet I agree, people probably aren’t going to stop eating meat, and they shouldn’t have to. There are plenty of farms that treat cows just fine; grass fed beef is usually pretty good as far as treatment. The cows are healthy and roam the pasture until they are old enough to slaughter. When it comes to calf meat, however, there is almost no farm that treats calves humanely. I’m not saying people should give up meat, just calf meat.

  17. Good read, still won’t eat it

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