Can Gaba Help You Sleep at Night?

There is a supplement you can take and some say it can help you sleep. Gaba can help with many health benefits for your body, but can Gaba help you get sleep at night?

Doing many searches on the Internet, I read about how the supplement GABA can help you get sleep at night. Some claims also say that taking GABA with Melatonin at the same time can also help with your insomnia. Are the claims really true? Well for some people this combo might work, but for me it didn’t work out too well.

I bought some GABA along with some Melatonin that was already in the medicine cabinet, and tried it out. I was thinking that the GABA was really going to help with getting some good sleep, so I took two GABA pills and one 5mg Melatonin. The result? I was wide awake and it kept me up for hours all night long.

I did some work searching on the net, and for some people, GABA can have the opposite effect for helping sleep. If you take it right before you go to bed, and it keeps you up all night, don’t ever try to take it again before bedtime. If you want to reap the other health benefits of GABA, then take it as soon as you wake up.

This way, you can still get the health benefits of GABA, and also get some sleep. If you still have trouble sleeping at night, you might want to take out the GABA completely from your daily routine. The GABA probably isn’t the cause of your insomnia, but if it isn’t helping you, then you shouldn’t be taking it.

For me, GABA didn’t work in helping to improve my sleep. Each person is different though, so it might have the opposite effect for you. Since it is a natural remedy for sleep, it is worth at least giving it a try. If you’ve got some serious insomnia, you should go to a doctor and get yourself checked out. Good luck with the GABA.

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  1. My wife and I both had the same result. We both have trouble falling to sleep with frequent wakings through the night. l first tried taking GABA and I did not go to sleep at all that night. My wife then tried it and the same thing happened. We were so dissapointed after reading so much about it on the web. GABA didn’t help us sleep at all, in fact it gave us insomnia!

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