Cancer Treatment

This article tells as about alternate treatments and all that have been done to keep this information hidden.

Cancer Treatment

 Over the years cancer has become a headache to the medical fraternity and cancer treatment a night mare for most families.Different kinds of treatment have been used mostly chemotherapyand very strong drugs known to have quit rage of side effects.Little has been done to explore the treatment of this disease using herbal medicine.

Some doctors have been able to treat thousands of patients using alternative medicine. In most cases where doctors have treated patients there has been a 90% recovery for patients treated using alternative medicine. When treating patients using conventional medicine there has only been a 3% success rate.

The treatment of diseases like cancer using alternative medicine can cut profits for big Pharmaceutical companies drastically. They will no longer produce all this drugs used to treatterminal diseases. Unfortunately FDA has been working as a watch dog for this big pharmaceutical to ensure that no alternative medicine if effectively used to treat terminal sickness or any other disease for that matter.

This disease can be treated using different herbal medicines and a balanced diet. Some of the mostly known natural cures are e.g. Garlic; is anti-bacterial, anti- viral, Anti-fungal and anti-parasitical, Chaparra, Red Clove, Poke Root mostly good for breast cancer, Echinacea; know to bust the immune system.

 This herbs some of the strongest herbs used for treatment for various life threatening diseases.

They strengthen and cleanse the body of impurities; they are known to kill cancer cells and some of them do both at the same time.

Big pharmaceutical companies have done a lot to discredit this herbal remedies since any one can produce and sell them and they do not have patents. Herbal medicines have no big profits and completely eradicate the disease from the body. Alternate medicine repair and strengthen the body which in turn allows the body to heal itself. This has been found to be a very effective way for cancer treatment. 

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