Carrots Help Prevent Alzheimer’s

One keep the brain fitness gym was not only with games that stimulate the brain or the brain’s performance. However, nutrition is also required.

Recent findings indicate that carrots good for your brain to stay young. Researchers from the University of Illinois shows regularly eating carrots help delay cognitive aging, such as thinking, remembering and logic.

The compound luteolin became his hero. Compounds also are found in olive oil, paprika, celery, peppermint, rosemary and chamomile reduces inflammation of the brain that causes memory problems associated with increasing age.

During the aging, microglial cells decreased and began producing excessive inflammatory sitokon. This contributes to cognitive aging and the cause of the development of neurodegenerative disease (decreased function of nerve cells)

These results are tested using a mouse. In adult mice, the intake of luteolin shown to contribute to memory problems.

This substance reduces inflammation in the brain significantly. At the same time, the memory also works for the better. In fact, the quality of memory is the same as the old rat brains of young mice.

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