Causes and Cures of Frequent Belching

Sometimes frequent belching can be caused by chewing gum or drinking a soda, but sometimes it’s caused from underlying medical conditions.

Everybody belches, or burps if you prefer, but when the belching becomes frequent and creates embarrassment, it’s time to look into the causes and cures for the frequent belching.

Belching occurs when gas in the stomach escapes to the esophagus. The gas in the stomach is formed either by the stomach itself or introduced to the digestive system through swallowing.

There are some medical conditions that make it easier for the stomach gas to make it’s way back up in the form of a belch. A hiatal hernia or GERD will cause frequent belching. medications for either of these conditions improve the symptoms, including the frequent belching.

However, anything that makes you swallow frequently lets more air into your digestive system and that air can be coming back out in belching. Chewing gum, smoking, fast eating, drinking through a straw and sinus drainage cause you to swallow more air and contribute to frequent belching.

Drinking carbonated beverages adds more gas to the stomach which will also increase belching.

If your belching is more frequent than you would like, reduce gum chewing, carbonated beverages and chew your food slowly. Keep a diary of your diet to identify any problem foods that may cause more frequent belching. If this doesn’t help to reduce the belching, it’s time to see your doctor to discover if there is an underlying medical cause behind your frequent belching.

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  1. Does problem with gall bladder cause you to belch a lot

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