Causes of Dementia

Maintain a healthy diet. A healthy diet is important for many reasons, but studies show that a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and omega-3 fatty acids, commonly found in fish and certain nuts, may have a protective effect and reduce the risk of dementia.


Diagnosis of dementia is established based on a thorough assessment, taking into account patient age, family history, the beginning and development of symptoms and the presence of other diseases (such as high blood pressure or diabetes). Standard blood chemistry examination. CT scan and MRI examination intended to determine the presence of tumors, hydrocephalus, or stroke.

If it occurs at an advanced age memory decline is gradual, it is thought to cause Alzheimer’s disease. Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease is proven only if performed an autopsy on the brain, which shows the number of nerve cells are lost. The remaining cells appear disorganized and scattered throughout the brain tissue is made up of amyloid plaques (abnormal protein). Diagnostic methods used to diagnose this disease is an examination of the lumbar puncture and PET (positron emission tomography), which is a specific brain skening pemerisaan.


Most cases of dementia can not be cured. Takrin drugs help patients with Alzheimer’s disease, but cause serious side effects. Takrin has been replaced by donepezil, which causes fewer side effects and slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease for 1 year or more. Ibuprofen can also slow the progression of this disease. This medicine works best when given at an early stage.

Dementia due to stroke in a row can not be cured, but its development can be slowed or even stopped to treat high blood pressure or diabetes-related stroke. If the memory loss disebabakan by depression, given anti-depressants. If diagnosed early, then the normal-pressure hydrocephalus dementia because sometimes be overcome by removing excess fluid in the brain via the drainage tube (shunting).

To control the agitation and explosive behavior, which can accompany an advanced stage of dementia, often digunakanobat anti-psychosis (eg tioridazin and haloperidol). But these drugs are less effective and cause serious side effects. Effective anti-psychotic drugs given to patients who experience hallucinations or paranoia.

Helping people with dementia and their families:

Maintain a familiar environment will help the patient stay oriented. Calendar of large, bright light, a wall clock with large numbers or the radio can also help people stay oriented.

Hide the car keys and install the detector at the door can help prevent kecelekaan in patients who likes to go for a walk.

Undergo bathing, eating, sleeping and other activities on a regular basis, can provide a sense of order to the patient.

Scold or punish the patient will not help, it will even worsen the situation.

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