Causes of Insomnia

Causes of Insomnia.

Almost certainly everyone has experienced difficulty sleeping (insomnia).

But if insomnia occurs too frequently, then this could be a problem.

A person with insomnia will find it difficult to fall asleep or frequent waking during the night.

In addition to causing frustration and fatigue, insomnia may be related to various health problems.

Here are some of the causes of insomnia.

1. Stress

Insomnia commonly occurs when a person experiences stress.

Stress can even lead to chronic insomnia, so back to a healthy sleep pattern will probably be difficult.

Sebagan people with this condition are worried whether they will be able to fall asleep.

This in turn exacerbates insomnia because the person is hit by worries about whether or not they fall asleep.

2. Health problems

Health problems often disrupt sleep patterns. People with arthritis, for example, potentially experiencing insomnia because the pain makes them unable to sleep.

Heart problems or respiratory problems also make the sufferer can not sleep soundly.

An overactive thyroid gland can cause restlessness and difficulty sleeping. Women in menopause may also experience insomnia.

3. Drugs and Alcohol

Drugs and alcohol could potentially lead to insomnia. Drug abuse can also cause sleep disturbances.

However, not only illegal drugs that cause sleep problems, prescribed medications, such as beta-blockers can also cause sleep disturbances.

4. Other disorders

Insomnia can occur as a partner who snores too loud or after work the night shift.

Night work will cause disruption in the body’s natural clock. In addition, short-term insomnia can be caused by jet lag.

Finally, the atmosphere comfortable bedrooms that are not (too cold or hot) could potentially also lead to insomnia.

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