Causes, Symptoms and Treatment for a Swollen Eyelid

A swollen eyelid is a form of inflammation in the eyelid and the area around eyelid. It can occur at any time but can’t be confused with syndesmitis (ophthalmia).

  • What is a swollen eyelid?

There are two types of swollen eyelid: inflammation in the front of eyelid (swollen eyelid), and inflammation behind eyelid (inflammation and Meibomius dysfunction).

Inflammation in front of eyelid appears ahead eyelid caused by staphylococcal bacteria or a type of eyebrow dandruff and scalp.

Inflammation behind eyelid appears in the eyelid near the eye; because the insufficient amount of oil secretion causes bacteria to grow. Inflammation behind eyelids is usually accompanied dermatitis and dandruff on the scalp.

There are many causes of swollen eyelid such as viral infections, toxins, allergies or eyelid gland disorders.

  • Symptoms of swollen eyelid

Detecting the symptoms of swollen eyelid for timely treatment is crucial. A swollen eyelid often has the following basic symptoms:

- Eyelid is swollen, itchy with the appearance of the crust in the eyelids and eyelashes that feel like a sand in eyes and weeping.

- Eye often weeps and is blurred vision.

  • Treatment of swollen eyelid

According to American Optometric Association, a swollen eyelid is not a transmitted disease, doesn’t cause blindness and damage the eyes if it is treated properly and promptly by a specialist.

On contrary, a swollen eyelid left untreated, it can cause loss of eyelashes, eyelid thickening, and capillary dilation and erode the sub-level of cornea.

However, swollen eyelid is hard to cure and it can come back, if hygiene for eye area is poor. The ways of care and hygiene for eyes are necessary as follows :

- Wash eyes properly: With swollen eyelid, cleaning eye and the around is very important.

- Apply warm compresses: Apply warm compresses to the eye for reducing the crust in eye area.

- Rinse: Depending on your doctor’s instructions, you should wash the eyelid gently with warm salt-water or children’s bath oil.

- Continue to eye care: Eye cleaning regime should be repeated four times daily to keep eye hygiene, promote healing of the eyelid. People with dandruff should use dandruff shampoo to reduce the impact of the disease. People with inflammation in front of eyelid should massage the eyelid to remove excess oil glands of the eye.

- Avoid infection: Eyes should be kept clean to prevent the spread of bacterial that make diseases worse.

- Eye drops : Use eye drops or an antibacterial ointment to reduce harmful bacteria for eye area.

  • Prevention of swollen eyelid

Eyelid inflammation and other eye diseases can be prevented by keeping a clean face and hands; do not rub dirty hands or soiled paper in the eye because the bacteria can easily spread to the eye and cause the eye disease.

Women should eye makeup thoroughly before going to sleep; keeping mascara through the night can irritate the eyes, cause swelling and inflammation of the eye.

If you see any symptoms or discomfort, you should visit your eye specialist to help determine the cause of the disease in time for treatment as soon as possible.

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