Caution : Drinking Causes Osteoporosis in Teenagers!

According to the latest research report, drinking can lead to osteoporosis in teenagers.

In today’s age of consumerism, out of the various tendencies noted among teenagers, there seems to be an increase in the tendency towards drinking and consuming liquor. With the growth of night clubs, pubs and bars, it is becoming almost an addiction. A party at the night club would generally mean some snacks along with drinks and dance. That is now the definition of fun.

This naturally has an adverse impact on a teenager’s mental and physical health. Along with the general detrimental effects on health that drinking produces, now comes the news of yet another danger.Latest research shows that such individuals develop the tendency to be affected by osteoporosis in future, much quicker than would be expected. This data has been found through experiments made on rats. The research was done by the scientists of Chicago’s Loyola University. According to them, excessive drinking damages the genes responsible for forming our bone structure. Therefore, the chances of developing osteoporosis in future are very high. This has recently made the headlines in the journal entitled ‘Alcohol and Alcoholism’. Of course as the principal scientist among the group, John Callaci (Assistant Professor and Director, The Molecular and Cellular Bone Biology Laboratory ) opines, the results of tests made on animals may not be the accurate when it comes to humans. Yet for the most part, they are the same. Therefore, he cautions teenagers to immediately refrain from drinking.

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  1. This is news to me but makes sense. The free radicals in most alcohol beverages have the ability to destroy the cells of our bones.

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  4. I never knew that osteoporosis is linked to alcoholism… thanks for sharing!

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