CDC Denies Existence of Zombies, Despite Recent Bizarre Acts of Cannibalism

Although the week has been filled with disturbing, horrific acts of violence that include cannibalism and murder, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced that the Internet rumors suggesting a “Zombie Apocalypse” is underway is untrue.

The aboriginal adventure that fueled an online storm of postings that zombies were on the apart was the face-eating advance on abandoned man Ronald Poppo in Miami. Rudy Eugene, 31, is accused of disturbing the beef off Poppo’s face and bistro it, according to WTSP . Authorities appear Eugenewas beneath the access of an LSD-like actuality if the advance took place. View slideshow: CDC Uses Zombies to Teach Emergency Preparedness The next adventure occurred in Joppa, Md., area engineering apprentice Alexander Kinyua, 21, is accused of killing his roommate,Kujoe Bonsafo Agyei-Kodie, 37, and again bistro his accuracy and heart, letters WPTV .

Yet addition abominable adventure took abode in Canada – this one captured on video – in which Luka Rocco Magnotta, 29, allegedly asleep above lover, Jun Lin, 23, by cutting him. Authoritiessay he again burst Lin’s body, ate his beef and perfored animal actswith Lin’s physique parts. The Huffington Post letters Magnotta is aswell accused of killing bodies and announcement video of his accomplishments online. He is stillon the run and the Herald Sun letters Magnotta has been spotted in Paris.

In what it calls a “fun new way ofteaching about emergency preparedness,” the CDC has created a clear atypical advantaged “Preparedness 101: Zombie Pandemic.” The banana isdeclared to be entertaining, but has acceptable served to access the badinage of a “Zombie Apocalypse.” In an email, CDC agent David Daigle told the Huffington Post, “CDC does not apperceive of a virus or action that would abate the asleep (or one that would present zombie-like symptoms).” Patrick Hamilton, a Misericordia University English professor, told the AP that zombies represent theabhorrence animal beings accept of bioterrrorism, abnormally afterwards the 9/11 attacks. As the agents of Life’s Little Mysteries writes on Yahoo News apropos the contempo adventurous of zombie-like behavior, “Okay, zombies may not absolutely exist, but acutely the apple has troubles abundant as it is.”

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