Celebrities Who Cope with Graves Disease

Missy Elliott is not alone in her struggle. There a number of celebrities who battle Graves’ Disease and thyroid disease each and every day.

Rapper Missy Elliott, is not alone in her struggle.  There are a number celebrities who battle Graves’ Disease and thyroid conditions, each and everyday and come out on top.  These celebrity include:

Opray Winfrey, Talk Show Host

Rod Stewart, Rock Star

Joe Piscopo, Entertainer

Kim Cattrall, Actress

Kelly Osbourne, Television Personality

Gail Devers, Olympic Athlete

Jillian Micheals, fitness guru

Linda Ronstadt, Singer/Songwriter

Mary-Louise Parker, Actress

Toni Childs, Singer

The key to successfully coping with Graves’ Disease and thyroid disease is to build a good support system by opening up to friends and family, exercise regularly, have a proper and balanced diet and work closely with your doctor to get the symptoms under control.  There is no reason that thyroid disease has to stop you in your tracks.  Learning to cope and develop a positive outlook goes along way in recovery and treatments.  Learn more about coping with Graves’ Disease.

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  1. My daughter has thyroid problems and my hubby’s doctor said that his is totally non functional..scary as hell.

  2. When I heard about Missy I realized she must be having a rough time. Support is important.

  3. Some people suffer from graves disease that are fully functional and you would never know it.You can live normally with the disease.

  4. Wow I had no idea so many celebrities had graves disease

  5. I agree with Tulan and Libra91. Nice post.

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