Celebrity Paula Deen Has Diabetes

Paula Deen, celebrity of the Food Network is drawing criticism for keeping her diagnosis of diabetes a secret for three years. She has continued to cook with butter, sugar and pounds of bacon on her popular food show. She only recently came out of the closet since landing a lucrative job as spokesperson for the company that produces the drug she takes for diabetes. She will continue with her Food Network show using the same old fattening ingredients that contributed to her own and countless other cases of diabetes.

Paula Deen is the queen of butter, sugar and all things unhealthy and fattening. She tells us now that she has had diabetes for the last three years. You would think an honest person would have come out with it at the beginning, told her audience the error of her ways and advised them to stop eating the recipes she advertised. This is the lady who dishes up deep fried cheesecake covered in chocolate with powdered sugar on top, fried pork chops and other high calorie foods on her TV show on the Food Network. In her interview on the “Today Show” Paula Deen said, she isn’t changing the comfort cooking that’s made her a star. Deen has lost quiet a bit of weight so it isn’t clear if she will continue to eat it. Deen also has her own eating establishment in Savannah, Georgia.

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Another thing that makes her look like a hypocrite is that she didn’t announce her diabetes until she had an endorsement from a Danish Company that puts out the diabetes drug she’s taking. Deen will be the pitch person for Novo Nordisk’s new online program, “Diabetes in a New Light.”  She will offer tips on healthy food preparation, stress management and working with doctors on treatments. Deen contributes diabetes friendly recipes to the site and takes the company’s drug Victoza. The company declines to say how much she is paid.

The Danish company had a sales in the last nine month of $734 million. Jud Dvorak of Yuba,Wis. says Paula Deen is like someone who goes on TV and brags about how wonderful it is to smoke two packs of cigarettes a day and when she comes down with lung cancer becomes a paid spokesperson for nicotine patches. Paula is also a smoker and says, she doesn’t advocate smoking and her diabetes is well under control.

Dean says, “I am who I am and I think the South gets a bad rap sometimes, saying our food is unhealthy, but frankly I don’t think that’s the case. I think it’s like any other food, whether it be French or Italian. They all can be high in calories and that’s where we have to practice portion control.” Turn to Deen’s collection of recipes on “The Food Network” site and find Grandmother Paul’s fried chicken, with Crisco shortening for frying, or baked French toast casserole, with two cups of half and half and a half pound of butter. No calorie counts are estimated.

Government doctors say being over weight and under active increases the chances of getting diabetes. Growth of the disease in the U. closely tied to the obesity rates. Roughly 23 million Americans are believed to have type 2 diabetes, patients bodies do not produce enough insulin or don’t use it efficiently, allowing glucose to accumulate in the blood.

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  1. She should use her celebrity power to promote healthy diet recipes and cooking.

  2. I agree with LCM, Ruby, using her celebrity power for a healthy diet would be a good thing

  3. It is very sad to know that anyone suffers from diabetes. Her real test is whether she herself has come to terms with it and can control it. She will no doubt learn from her experiences and this will impact on her messages in the future. Thanks for sharing :)

  4. I think she should be honest with her followers and say she is sorry she has encouraged the public to eat unhealthy food and will only recommend healthy food in the future. That would be the honest thing to do.

  5. Even celebrities are not spare of this

  6. Nowadays it’s very common disease. Ain’t it?

  7. I think it’s her very private thing and this is not something which is to be share openly , some how one must caution the use of harmful contents used during the cooking programme , it is must. Wishing her a healthy and happy life and career

  8. most don’t mind making hay while the sun shines…the show may be her source of income….she should definitely start promoting healthy diet on her show.

  9. Diseases are common for everyone.

  10. good thing she accept her mistakes in public. It is now better for her if she promotes healthy diet.

  11. She should have divulged her condition when she was in the food show.

  12. The kind of food she cooks is suitable for special occasions, not everyday eating.

  13. I agree with Lapasan. There is nothing to be ashamed of. It\’s a very common situation and there is a lot of help on how to deal with it.

    From a personal point of view, she could have raised more awareness to help people due to her Celeb Status.

    I wish her well.

  14. Doesn’t surprise me about her condition. I’ve watched her show and found the meals that she creates and displays to the public are pure junk! Ladened with fat, loaded with cholesterol, and ingredients filled with yuk! Double Yuk! As the saying goes: You are what you eat. Also, all food and no sweat leaves you plump! I hope you don’t mind my frankness. Great article and thanks for sharing.

  15. never really watched her shows myself, but if you have a health issue you need to deal with it

  16. I like her but I agree with you and she should have come forward with this when she first found out. You can’ t eat the type of food she cooks daily without health problems. I heard this in a patients room while at work. My patient was an elderly lady and she looked at me and said,” Well, what does she expect when she fries everything in butter then covers it with gravy.” I had to laugh with my patient and agree with her.

  17. A good shout here Ruby health is best with good honest cooking, and good healthy ingredients, cheers

  18. Hope she then will do healthy diet

  19. I thank you. It is nice to see it.

  20. I’ve read your articles thanks a lot

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