Check You Routines and Habits ,It May Contribute Brain Damage

Health is wealth, never take chances ,take extra care of your body .No human body sold in the market.

Brain is the central nervous system of human body  , without it then man is dysfunctional. Like a computer if it got no CPU then it desktop would be futile. Brain is the most important part of human body , but often times we are careless on the things that we do and sometimes unconsciously we are doing things that could  enhance or contribute to the damage of brain cells. Sometimes we are too busy with all our stuffs  that we forget to think whether, what we are doing are healthy or not.  Sometimes also , we knew about it , but we refuse  to accept that it is really harmful and lastly it is because purely one’s ignorance..unaware that what he did softly killing him.

Here are some of our habits that could leads to damaging our brain.

NO BREAKFAST. People who don’t go for breakfast have low sugar level. This leads to insufficient  supply of nutrients to the brain which leads to brain regeneration.

OVEREATING . This could cause hardening of the arteries  , leading to dullness or low in power.

SMOKING . It causes multiple brain shrinkage and may lead to Alzheimers Disease.

HIGH SUGAR INTAKE . I t much sugar intake may interrupt Protein absorption causing malnutrition and may affect brain development.

AIR POLLUTION. The brain needs adequate Oxygen inhaling polluted decreases supply of Oxygen to the brain whcich leads to in decrease brain effeciency.

SLEEP DEPRIVATION. Sleep makes our brain relax and at rest .deprivation of it can lead to cell necrosis.

HEAD COVERED WHILE SLEEPING. sleeping with head being covered usually by our pillows  ,increases concentration of Carbon dioxide and lowering concentration of Oxygen concentration which would lead to brain damage.

WORKING YOUR BRAIN DURING ILLNESS. Studying or working menatlly though sick may cause low brain effeciency  ,worst can cause brain damage.

LACKING IN STRIMULATING THOUGHTS. Thinking is the best way ot exercise our brain ,lacking stimulation  causes brain shrinkage.

TALKING RARELY .  Intelligent conversation will  help brain effeciency.

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  1. Yes true.great share

  2. Our life is so complicated that even when we know these things, we can’t follow.

  3. Learned a lot from this post, thanks.

  4. Thanks for sharing this valuable advice.

  5. good advises for healthy brain

  6. I agree with Vinaya, we know not to do things that could hurt out brain, but we do them anyways out of habits and stuff. good share!

  7. Useful information.

  8. Health is wealth

    This proverb to us helps

    The fragrance of a flower

    Its story tells

    Our smiles say

    We are well

    Don’t feel we good

    When someone is unwell

    Nice article,Angelji

  9. great facts

  10. great share indeed

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