Child Fever Alarm

Why children have fevers and how to cope with it.

A fever is a commonly a health problem that happens to lots of children. Eventhough sometimes it is a bit worrying, but it is also actually a sign that the child’s immune system is fighting off infection caused by bacterias or viruses. When a child’s body temperature suddenly increases, most parents will tend to worry, get sleepless night and feeling guilt, what more if they are young couples that has no knowledge on how to ease the child’s suffering.


During fever, the white blood cells will try to fight and eradicate the bacterias or viruses by putting out chemicals that increases the bodies temperature. The increase of body temperature is actually killing off any bacteria or viruses but at the same time causes the child to have fever. Most people assumes that the higher the temperature of the body, the more dangerous it is. However this idea is actually wrong because being at higher temperature doesn’t mean that your child is sick compared to when they are in normal body temperature.


Fever would normally makes a child  feel restless, weak, lack of appetite to eat and uncomfortable. In order to reduce the effect of fever we should let the child:-

1). Drink lots of water.

Having fever can cause a child to be dehydrated. So it is important to give them drink lots of water.

2). Wear proper clothing.

They should be given to use thin clothing and fabric in order for them to feel comfortable and to allow better air circulation.

3). Do not force them to eat a lot.

Do not force a child to eat too much when they are having fever it is common for them to have lack of appetite to eat, instead just let them eat the amount of food that they can eat.

4). Follow Doctors advise and prescription.

When giving medicine, make sure to follow the doctors presciption. The doses given is normally based on the age and body weight of the child, So please do not go beyond the doctor’s advise and prescription for it might lead to overdose and complication.

Body temperature should not be used as a measurement to wether or not the child is sick. The correct way of monitoring a child’s health condition while having fever is to observe their behaviour. If the child is not crying, not fussy about their surrounding, and still have the appetite to eat, most probably there’s nothing to worry much about.

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