Childhood Obesity: The Solution

This article is basically a reality check for the health of our children today.

      Many things plague our nation today such as fatal diseases, war, and poverty.  But lately, the greatest epidemic to surface is childhood obesity.  According to THE WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION
"There are more than one billion overweight adults worldwide….three million of them are obese".  Many believe this whopping number contributes directly to the increasing cases of  childhoodobesity.  

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 An estimated 22 million children under five are obese worldwide. According to the US SURGEON GENERAL  "…since 1980, the cases of overweight children has doubled and the number of overweight children has tripled.  With numbers this staggering, it’s no wonder why the fast food franchises survived the tumultuous recession.  So what do we do as parents to stop this? 

     CHILDREN’S HEALTH AND FITNESS  may have come up with a solution they call the "5 on 5 plan". Simply put, 5 things related directly to a child’s weight is in the parent/guardian’s control. The other 5 rely solely on the influence of individuals outside the home such as school, recreation centers,etc… If put into effect correctly, could this curve the disaster we face today? Or will this be another battle lost in the new war we call Childhood Obesity                                                                                                                                                                                      by: J’Mae Moon

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