Claire Simmons, The Lady Pizza

Claire Simmons, a single woman from Notting Hill, west London, it’s usually throw up when she put the other food.

A 33-year-old woman has a strange eating habit. Over the past31 years, she only ate pizza with cheese and tomatoes. These conditions make it vulnerable to the deadly disease, except when she quit the habit of eating it.
Claire Simmons, a single woman from Notting Hill, west London, it’s usually throw up when she put the other food. But the condition does not happen if he put a piece of plain pizza in her mouth. Claire also declined when she presented other types of food.

Nowdoctors are warning that strange custom known as Selective Eating Disorder (SED) aka picky eater because it can be dangerous. The reason is that habit can increase the risk of stroke or heart attack later in life.
“I maintain health by exercising and drinking lots of water,” said Claire.

But the habit is still considered dangerous. ”But my GP told me that i hoard a lot of problems for the future because of a lack of vitamins and minerals that can cause stroke or heart attack ..”
Experts recommend a variation of diet to stay healthy, including five servings of vegetables and fruits every day. But Claire said that fear of fruit and vegetables. ”I’m really afraid of fruit and vegetables. I was so angry when people think I’m being to do with it. This is a real medical condition,” she explained.

One of the British Dietetic Association, says Catherine Collins, have strange food habits could have implications for long-term health. Diet without fruits and vegetables can be made ​​higher in calories because It associated with weight gain, constipation, and high cholesterol, which increases the risk of stroke and heart attack.

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  5. still only eat pizza is not good to our health

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  9. I don’t see how she has lived this long without fruit, dairy and vegetables. Where does she get her vitamins? Pizza has few.

  10. I feel pity for this lady pizza because without fruits and vegetables, she misses a lot of varieties and nutrients.

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