Claire Simmons, The Lady Pizza

Claire Simmons, a single woman from Notting Hill, west London, it’s usually throw up when she put the other food.

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  1. owwo I like it.

  2. Good

  3. Different

  4. Interesting story. At least she drinks lots of water and exercises. Nice one.

  5. still only eat pizza is not good to our health

  6. This is mysterious

  7. Nice post bro

  8. perplexing

  9. I don’t see how she has lived this long without fruit, dairy and vegetables. Where does she get her vitamins? Pizza has few.

  10. I feel pity for this lady pizza because without fruits and vegetables, she misses a lot of varieties and nutrients.

  11. I kind of feel sorry for her.

  12. gosh. great share!

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