Cold or Flu – Take a Mini Hibernation Vacation

Times have changed since the days of "toughing it out". This year, save everyone at the office and school, indulge and take care of yourself. When you are sick with a cold or the flu – stay in, nurture your mind and body with all the natural immune boosters and soothers, and consider it a mini hibernation vacation. Get better quicker and guilt-free.

There was a time when people believed that you were being “tough” if you made it to school or work when you were sick with a cold or the flu. Times have changed…now, people give that forbidden, self-preserving glare when you or your kids come in coughing up a lung or a hanky full of phlegm! For the sake of yourself, your kids and everyone else, this year, stay home and indulge in that cold or flu. Call in sick, turn off the ringers on the phones, grab some of your favorite “feel good” movies, soothe the sore muscles with a hot bubble bath, wrap yourself in your flannels and get cozy with hot tea, juice, water and soups. Take the time out to get better, faster and save everyone else from getting sick at the same time. As miserable as you are feeling, just let go and relax. Take your double dose of vitamin C, your Oregano Oil, rub Olive Oil mixed with a few drops of Eucalyptus Oil on that stuffy chest and sore throat, and get some Z’s. Step back into the time when autumn meant storing up for winter to hibernate. Store up some reserves of energy for when you go back to work or school prepared to give it your all…re-fueled and full force after a few days of a guilt-free mini hibernation vacation.

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  1. Very good share friend…

  2. a world where we get like 2 weeks holiday a year from work and it is frowned upon to take a break from work when you’re ill is a rather crazy one! i’m glad you’re campaigning for better self-care!

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