Cold Remedies Which are Best?

Sore throat remedies for colds is much needed today. Almost 89% of the population has this type of herpes virus. About 67% of cold sores get them this year. These people do not propaganda – they need cold sore remedies you can trust.

Many cold sore remedies you buy in stores is better for comfort. They relieve pain and misery with anesthetic such as oil and lidocaine.

But no commercial cold sore remedies do not get rid of cold sores in less time. Your best choice for fast healing is the natural home remedies.

Here are some remedies cold sores that has proven very useful for the rapid elimination of wounds. You may be surprised to find that works better than any commercial product.

1. Oja.

Garlic is a wonderful cure. Under the microscope, you can escape the virus, even the smell of garlic.

Garlic also has the unique ability to walk right through the skin directly to the infection.

Always use fresh cut or crushed garlic for best results.

When it is not practical, you can buy gel capsules of vitamin shop is used as an oral supplement. Just cut the end and squeeze the oil directly into their wounds.

Also, take garlic internally. Substantially better results. There will also be more resistant to other viruses as well.


Mint is also very powerful remedy to cure your buds. It seems to stop the wounds heal almost instantly and in the short term. It smells better than garlic as well.

The best way to get the peppermint oil safe for direct application of pain is to buy peppermint capsules that vitamins are sold. So, as gels garlic, you can cut and press the oil.

Also available oil bottled mint aromatherapy use. This is too strong and can burn your skin. Aromatherapy and follow the instructions to dilute with olive oil extra virgin.

3. BAGS hot tea.

When heat is applied to a wound that really speeds up the healing, because it brings a rush of oxygen and blood to the scene.

The best way is to use bags of hot tea. The common black tea good works. Tea contains mint or lemon balm will run much faster.

Caution: Never heat a tea bag in the microwave. You can heat the water first, then use hot water to heat the bag. Microwave radiation destroys most of the special health benefits of tea.

4. THE POWER of lysine.

Lysine is one of the most powerful and popular treatments. Whatever other cold sore remedies are used, this should always be a part of the plan.

Lysine is a protein commonly found in dairy products and fish. It works by reducing the amount of arginine in the cells. Arginine is a fraction of the protein that the herpes virus needs to make new viruses.

If you stop the replication process of herpes, you prevent – or quickly eliminate – any cold sores. Lysine prevents the dramatic process.

People are starting to take when you feel an outbreak coming. Continue taking until the skin is clear. Meanwhile, the normal dose is 3,000 milligrams per day.

Lysine is very safe. For example, a large part of the base about 10,000 milligrams of lysine. For me, I prefer lysine capsules. They are cheap and very convenient to use.

These are just some of the most powerful remedies for cold pain we know today.

Be sure to try. Enjoy the excellent healing results and make social life back quickly with the main cold sore remedies.

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