Concussion Attacked Teen Years

Concussion is a brain injury occur in a collision or a severe shock, which can cause loss of brain function to the time being.
Although most cases of damage from concussions the brain is not permanent, but injury to the head potentially serious.

Adolescents included in vulnerable groups on the effects of a concussion. In the present study revealed, adolescents who had concussions brain disorder on working memory, the ability to processing and storing information short term in brain. This capability also required in the process learning. Disturbances in brain It was found six months incidence of post concussion. Brain areas responsible for the memory, the lobes frontalis, having rapid development when children are in their teen years. As a result of this brain areas is more vulnerable and easily affected in concussion effect. According to David Ellemberg,professor of kinesiology University of Montreal, Canada, decline in function area of the brain lobes frontalis, can disrupt a person’s ability in work activities daily routine. In his research, Elemberg and his team involved 96 teenage athletes men who play football, hockey, and rugby. Half of these athletes suffered concussions six the previous month. The athletes are also asked to undergo tests for measure the ability of as their cognitive counting down or spell words. They also perform tests brain waves with EEG to find work brain areas responsible for the memory. Although EEG test results are not showed abnormalities in brain athlete ever suffered a concussion, but it still looks the difference compared with the brains of people who healthy. Neural response to adolescents are more weakly and less efficient compared with group of adults who also had concussion. The results of this study shows that the adolescent brain was much more susceptible to the effects of concussion than the brains of children. Injuries to the head of his own can be caused by various reasons such as vehicle accident motorized, drop, physical attacks, or exercise.

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