Contaminated Vegetables Increase Breast Cancer Risk

Cancer remains a deadly disease. Consumption of fresh food is one solution to prevent it. However, what if these foods can actually trigger cancer risk.

A new study proves that environmental chemicals can have negative effects to the body which can lead to breast cancer risk. These findings are reinforced by the health data reporting an increase of breast cancer patients.

Heavy metals like cadmium are carcinogenic substances that dissolve in the plant. Derived from fertilizer, manure or liquid into agricultural land. Usually attached to grains, potatoes, vegetables and other crops. In addition to sticking to agricultural crops, these metals can also be spread through the air when the food is cooked by fire, and then be directly inhaled.

A new study published by the American Assn. For Cancer Research, found that 21% of respondents 55 987 women, having breast cancer. That is because the respondents inhaling or eating food that contains cadmium.

The study also found new evidence that environmental chemicals are also other adverse effects. Can interfere with the production of estrogen hormones in women and may present a risk of other cancers, namely endometrial cancer.

Every year, 230 000 About a woman in the United States are diagnosed with breast cancer. However, this diagnosis is also increasing every year worldwide. In 2010 the data of breast cancer patients reached 1.6 million people.

According to researchers it is not easy to connect the cadmium that attach to the grains and vegetables and breast cancer risk. But for women who always consume whole grains and vegetables do not worry, you can wash and clean the vegetables before eating process.

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