Crime Beverages Sports Drinks to Obesity

Sports drinks are not always able to boost the body’s energy. As in the findings of researchers from the Oxford Center for Evidence Based Medicine, which found that energy drinks are fatal in fact contribute to weight gain.

Crime Beverages Sports Drinks to Obesity
The study, published in the British Medical Journal assessed the evidence behind claims 431 improve performance in ad 104 different sports products, including sports beverages, and drink protein (protein shakes).

For researchers, the claims mentioned in the advertising product manufacturer was not enough evidence. In fact, drai sample studied, only about 2.7 percent of that is able to provide energy once consumed, the rest of it donated weight due to the sugar content in them.

“Sports drinks are so popular among children. Consequently, there is concern the consumption of these beverages actually contribute to obesity rates,” the researchers said.

Chemical Substances Cause Obesity
Three studies reported in the European Congress on Obesity in Geneva found that mice in its infancy juxtaposed equipment from chemical substances proved to be obese.

The first study was conducted on female rats during pregnancy the mother had much contact with bisphenol (substances to make a plastic box or bottle) grow into obese mice.

The second study pregnant rats were brought closer to perfluorooctanoic acid (a substance for packing popcorn box). Parent mice gave birth to her normal size, but will be overweight as adults.

A third study, pregnant rats were juxtaposed tributylin, chemicals for plastic food wrap, will produce children who are obese in adulthood.

If the study is also true for humans, who have undertaken not to lose weight as adults, but avoid contact with products containing the chemical.

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