Cross Words Accelerate The Progression of Dementia

See the negative effects of cross words.

Although activities capable of stimulating mental activity – such as cross words, sudoku or reading – can slow cognitive decline in capacity, all they can accelerate the progression of dementia and senile, after Alzheimer’s disease was diagnosed.

This is surprising conclusion of a study published in “Neurology”, journal published by the American Academy of Neurology, by researcher Robert S. Wilson and his colleagues at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago.

“Our results show that the initial benefits of intellectual exercise, which consists in delaying the onset of dementia, is paid by a subsequent rapid disease progression,” said Wilson, in whose opinion the fundamental question is why does this happen?

During their study, conducted over six years, scientists have measured brain activity of 1157 persons older than 65, which initially showed signs of disease.

According to Wilson’s hypothesis, the activities are able to stimulate brain activity may in some measure to improve its ability to stop working in a relatively normal way despite injuries associated dementia. However, people who have a lifestyle that involves an intense intellectual activity and a higher risk have to be affected by brain changes, the effect of accelerating mental decline once dementia has been installed.

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