Curing Dengue with The Help of Artificial Mosquitoes

Scientists claim that dengue fever can be cured with the help of a special mosquito.

Scientists claim that dengue can be cured with the help of a special mosquito, which has been created artificially by changing genes. Apart from that, they say other sicknesses (infected by invertebrates) can also be treated with this mosquito. It has been proved at a research analyzed by a group of USA-based scientists.

The research was performed on the Cayman Islands of the United States, where comparably, as I have heard before, the effect of dengue fever is more than the other parts of the world. Scientists of London Imperial College and Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine have jointly analyzed this research (Cousin told me on the phone). The news was firstly published in the Nature Biotechnology Journal (still unreachable for me!).

The analyzers, or scientists (as the name is most common to people), say people experience dengue fever after a mosquito named ADIS Igipty (I don’t know the correct spelling) bites them (we all know it). By changing genes, after producing an artificial mosquito from the parenting of a GM mosquito (male mosquito which spreads dengue) and a female mosquito, the mosquito died right after birth, which is why the curing of dengue fever can be cured somehow using this artificial mosquitoes.

About this study, a professor of Oxford University, Luke Alphy said that they are very shocked to hear the outcome of the research. Only the ‘forced’ parenting of the mosquitoes should be done in order to cure thousands of diseased patients. It will benefit a lot of people!

According to WHO, every year, 50 million people altogether get diseased by dengue fever all over the world, with an increasing rate of the diseased. Till now, no vaccination for dengue fever has been yet developed.

Source: BBC Online, cousin in London, daily mail etc.

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