Cyber Bullied Girl Has Died From Huntington’s Disease in Michigan

Nine year old cyber-bullied girl has died from Huntington’s disease.

A little girl (9years old) had been cyber-bullied by her neighbours the “fantastically intelligent” Jennifer Petkov in 2010 for having Huntington’s disease. The incident has got relevant public awareness that time and now again as the girl Kathleen Edward has died.

(source: facebook)

Huntington disease is neurodegenerative genetic disorder that causes dementia and has an impact on muscle coordination, too. Lack of coordination, jerky body movements and symptoms of mental health problems can be also occurred in the later phase of the disease.

The neighbour kept posting weird pictures on facebook referring to the death of Kathleen and her mother who has died in 2009 from the same disease. Petkov also drove over the city pulling a coffin  being attached to her truck. 

Though Kathleen had the serious genetic disorder not she was the one suffering from hopeless mental stupidity… people can be so cruel?

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