Cytotron Therapy for Osteoarthritis and Cancer

Cytotron therapy has emerged as a great remedy for osteoarthritis.

Cytotron Therapy for Osteoarthritis and Cancer

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We can easily encounter a person with arthritis in our immediate surrounding. It generally affects people above 40 years of age, who have problems in knee joints, hip, shoulders and so on. Such people experience extreme pain while to climbing the stair case, walking on slope surfaces, walking for long and even when sitting for a long time.

80% of the population do not recognise the exact symptoms behind arthritis and they fail to undergo right treatment at the right time. This leads to more complications during and after the treatment.

During the various physiological and metabolic processes that take place in our body, our body cells are constantly under wear and tear, and repair and rebuild. In patients with osteoarthritis, the joint that has undergone a wear and tear/degeneration problem fails to rebuild the destroyed cells. It was believed that the only treatment for such bone degeneration in the hip joints, shoulder joints and knees joints was transplantation of the affected bones. But modern technology has provided a solution which does not require any surgery. Cytotron therapy is the technique used for such problems.

What is Cytotron therapy?

Cytotron therapy uses the magnetic resonance technique to replace the worn out cells. The resonance stimulates the regenerative cells of the joints through an electric impulse. The dysfunctional chondrocytes of the bone cells gets stimulated by the electric impulse and become functional once again.

Normally the treatment duration is for 21 days, during which the patients feels complete relief from pain. The patient’s impaired walking is also rectified during this period. Due to the regeneration of the cartilage cells in the bone, the bone become more strong and thereby the patients feel more energetic than before.

The patient does not feel any discomfort during the treatment, problems like anaesthesia, surgery and medicines are absolutely not required for this. Patients need no hospitalisation, no change in their diet and this can be done for severe diabetic patients also.

Cytotron therapy is found very useful to cancer patients, They need to have 1 hour sessions of Cytotron therapy for 28 days.


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