Dangerous : Don’t Take The Aspirin Everyday

Be careful for those that like taking aspirin. consistent with European studies, the employment of pain medication a day for the elderly could impair vision.

As quoted by Reuters, the study information don’t recommend that aspirin will build an individual lose his eyesight. however the findings are printed within the journal Ophthalmology showed the influence of aspirin with eye disorders.

“For those that have over sixty five years aged with risk of macular degeneration, it appears unwise to advocate that they take pain medication,” said William Christen of Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, told Reuters.

The study, led by Paul de Jong within the Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience and therefore the educational Medical Center, has collected health and lifestyle data from nearly 4700 individuals over the age of sixty five years. Conducted within the U.S. additionally, this study conjointly conducted in Norway, Estonia, Britain, France, Italy, Greece and Spain.

The result, of the 839 those that take aspirin a day, there have been thirty six those that have a sophisticated variety of the disease known as wet kind macular degeneration. Disease, conjointly called exudative or neovascular AMD, is caused by blood vessels that grow from the choroid to the retina. Leakage of blood vessels within the eyes will cause vision loss.

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  1. I daily take at least one

  2. @Aroosa Gloomy What for,miss? maybe u should try to reduce for using your aspirin…

  3. I tried taking aspirin each day, to lower blood pressure. It didn’t work, so stopped taking it and feel better without it. Nice share, thanks!

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