Different Types of Ulcers

While some ulcers come from stress, others come from a bacteria; both require medical attention by your health care provider. If you suffer from stomach discomfort for a more than a week or two, it time to investigate.

Different Types of Ulcers

            When someone mentions an ulcer we immediately think of gastric ulcer, but there are several others. The stomach ulcer known as a gastric comes from excessive stomach acid that starts to eat away at the lining of our stomach, it usually develops during stressful times in our life.
Deep gastric ulcer

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 For many it is because they do not eat, and so the acid just sits in their stomach, and as they get more upset the more acid is created; for some they may vomit, which is a problem of acid overload. Vomiting is the body’s way of getting rid of the acid, which is healthy once in a while, but if it happens daily then you need to speak to your health care provider immediately before it ruptures through the lining.

            There are other types of ulcers, such as a duodenal ulcer, which many will get several times in a lifetime and never even know it. This type of ulcer develops in the small intestines just below the stomach, causing many no symptoms at all; while other suffer tremendously. Ignoring stomach discomfort that continues for several weeks is a sure sign of trouble, since an ulcer is a small sore within the inner part of the lining; if it continues to grow it will break through the lining and cause several life threatening problems. There has to be a lot of acid for an ulcer to develop since the stomach as well as the duodenum is well protected with a layer of mucus, a lining that protects the stomach from the harmful affects too much acid and constant contact with the acid.
Helicobacter pylori bacteria

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            Some ulcers located in the duodenum are caused by helicobacter pylori, which is a bacteria that survives in the stomach acid, unlike most bacteria that is destroyed when it comes in contact with this acid. Since this bacteria can survive in stomach acid, is can be passed from one person to another, through saliva; mouth to mouth contact. Which is why it is one of the most common ulcers, and most of us are able to write it off as acid indigestion.  Many who feel the discomforts, will change their diet long enough to help the stomach acid calm down, while coffee and spicy foods don’t cause ulcers, once a person has a ulcer, these items will in-fact cause much discomfort.

            Most people, who think they have an ulcer, usually are suffering from acid reflux; which is just as uncomfortable, and is just as dangerous if lefts untreated since it can lead to life threaten situations.

            It is very important to protect our esophagus, stomach as well as our intestines, since we need them all for proper digestion and elimination of waste from the human body.


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