Discovering Limitations

A planned trip interrupted by Alzheimer’s.

Each day this type of dementia my husband is fighting brings new insights and revelations.  Since receiving an invitation to a wedding celebration in Des Moines, Iowa I had tried to discover if my husband could weather the trip.  From riding in the car for a bit of a distance, I wasn’t too sure he would be okay.  He was so sure he would and on Thursday I decided we would try the 1,000 mile trip as he awoke in a good mood and seemed near normal.  The bags had been packed for two days in anticipation, and although we left later than I wanted, we made about 700 miles in 12 hours.  They weren’t comfortable hours, with questions every few minutes as to where we were headed and why.  Same question, same answer.  We found a motel in Joliet Illinois and settled in for the night.  But, alas, neither of us got much sleep.  He was too disoriented and I was bordering total dismay.  What would 5 more hours driving and four more nights in motels bring?  The answer wasn’t good.  Solution:  return home.

We returned home at 12:30 a.m.  Both of us were exhausted.  He was extremely disoriented and I was frustrated, but I learned a crucial lesson.  An Alzheimer’s patient needs the stability of familiar surroundings.  I don’t think we’ll be taking trips in the near future.

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  1. sad

  2. Christine My heart goes out to both you and your Husband Thank you for sharing such a personal story. You know it does help to talk.
    You know how to contact me.

  3. Thanks for sharing your loving story here.

  4. I am so sorry that happened. Your husband and you will be in my prayers. But just be thankful you still have him, my mom would love to have daddy back even if he did have alzeimer’s as she misses him so bad. But he never really left beacause she feels him bump her bed every night. I hope this comment wasn’t offensive if it was I am sorry,

  5. Well written. Thank you.

  6. This is so difficult, things change, the last trip my Mom tried to take my Dad he fell down the escaltor, You take care of you too
    this can be a hard road for sure, God Bless Lauralu xo

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