Disease Cold Hands and Feet, Lurking

According to Mayo Clinic, a disease usually associated with cold hands anemia,Buerger’s disease, diabetes, peripheral arterial occlusive disease (PAOD), Raynaud’s syndrome and scleroderma.

Disease Cold hands and feet, Lurking

When cold hands and feet are often cold. In general, the reduced blood in the body as a means to keep themselves warm.

However, there is nothing that is a health problem, the symptoms to look out fordisplay. The nerve or circulatory problems show symptoms needing medical attention, the presence of.
Published as a service, some of them:
First Coldness in hands and feet are constantly faced
Second Changes in skin color
Third numbness
4th tingling
5th Cuts or abrasions
6th Hard proof, or skin

Diseases associated with cold hands and feet.
According to Mayo Clinic, a disease usually associated with cold hands anemia,Buerger’s disease, diabetes, peripheral arterial occlusive disease (PAOD), Raynaud’s syndrome and scleroderma.

The disease can significantly reduce the whole blood. In a book titled ”Physical symptoms,” wrote Joan Liebmann-Smith and Jacqueline Nardi Egan, are handsand feet always cold and thyroid and migraine medications such as beta-blockersas a reaction to certain medications can also cause is.

Hands and feet are very cold because of frostbite (frosbite) can. For a long time,when the body temperature is below freezing, freeze skin tissue and can causefrostbite. Frostbite most hands, feet, nose, ears and it’s time.

If you contact numbness or tingling and you experience white skin like wax and it will be difficult. In severe cases, blisters the skin and can cause the cells to die black. Ifyou experience this, the hospital immediately for emergency rescue.
To warm in cold weather, it is advisable to warm clothing such as jackets and glovesto help in order to use the body warm.

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