Diseases of The Kidney

Different types of diseases of the kidney.

Nephritis or inflammation of the kidney, is one of the commonest kidney diseases. Symptoms vary, in many cases there may be none, the appearance in the urine of such elements as albumin, red and white blood cells, and hyaline of granular casts is its chiefs characteristics. It is much more common in childhood and adolescence than in middle age.

The commonest form of nephritis is called glomerulonephritis, it often occurs within three to six weeks following a streptococcal infection. Urine may became scanty and smoky in appearance. A small percentage of cases fail to recover, however, and develop chronic nephritis. In chronic nephritis, kidney damage progresses over many years, during which patients are symptom-free.

Frontal Section Through The Kidney via Wikipedia

The nephrosis include a variety of types of nephritis marked by degenerative changes in the tubules of the kidney. The term nephrosis is still used for a syndrome characterized by the presence of generalized swelling or edema, large amounts of albumin in the urine, considerable cholesterol in the blood, and relatively normal urinary output.

Kidney Stones by Trevor Blake via Flickr

Kidney Stone via Wikipedia

Renal calculi or stones in the kidney, may form in the kidney or renal pelvis from crystals deposited from the urine. Occasionally, stones may develop when the blood level of uric acid is too high, as may be the case in gout. Stones are more frequent in males than in females and may cause bleeding, secondary infection, or obstruction. Many stones, particularly large ones, may cause no symptoms for years.

Tuberculosis of the kidney is caused by tubercle bacilli, which are carried to the kidney by the bloodstream from some other infected organ, such as the lung, where it most usually originates. To conclude the kidney also is a host of others less common diseases, such as lupus erythematosus ( a morbid skin condition) and amyloid disease ( starch-like accumulations in the tissues). The kidney may also be the site of a variety of congenital malformations.

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