Do You Realize What Did You Do Here?

You make some castle throughout my chest.

Do you know, when you came here you melting my frozen heart

I never felt like this since several years but you came with your smile and build that ruin into one beautiful place

this beautiful place I never saw before in the past, but you appear with it here with those eyes

a keen eyes that stab throughout my heart,.. and a smile that warm my soul

ah will this be the same? or it’s being a part of my life in the future.

I just want you to know that, you make me strong when I weak, and you make me weak in the same time

now I have a syndrome, insomnia in a night and anemia in a day. I lack if you didn’t appear, you’re complete me here

Now I miss every single smile, I miss every single word, and I miss you so much. is this a part of those Syndrome?

I do not want to be a victim, but I already be it. I can’t lie to my soul even I locked my lips in front of you

let me be your air in every breath and be a shadow to accompany you.. let me guide and be guide of you

this is De Ja Vu from my past, like I know you before now. Truly this is weird feel but I like it

I don’t know what to say,…

and I don’t know what I said here… may guardian angel guard you from the night and take care what you wish for

Liked it
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