Do You Used to Consuming Sleeping Pills? Watch Out!!

This article is particularly presented for sleeping pills consumer.

Paris - A new study reveals that the consumption of sleeping pills linked to deaths. Is it Really?

Frequently used sleeping pills were four times more potentially caused premature death,according to a recent study in the United States, published in the journal BMJ.

This healing technique is also associated with high dose usage, which 35 percent were able totrigger the risk of cancer, than people who do not take the pill. Similarly, as quoted by ST.

Team of doctors led by Daniel Kripke of the Scripps Clinic Sleep Center Viterbi Family, inLa Jolla, California, looked at medical records of more than 10,500 adults in Pennsylvania, USA, who take sleeping pills.

This study compared again with another 23 600 people; matched by age, health and background, who do not take sleeping pills.

So, after you read this, do you plan to continue consume it??
Your life, Your choice…

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