Down’s Syndrome Related to Maternal Old Age!

Are you aware of the fact that late maternal age can lead to a number of chromosomal abnormalities in the developing embryo?

   Increasing maternal and paternal age can predispose the offspring( developing baby) to a number of chromosomal diseases such as Down’s syndrome, Marfan syndrome and Achondroplasia.

                                          Advanced Maternal Age: ( Above 35 years):


  The most common chromosomal abnormality associated with increasing maternal age is Down’s syndrome.         The actual cause of Down’s syndrome is Non-dysjunction of the chromosomes during meiosis , the incidence of   which is increased with the advancement in mothers age. Children with Down’s syndrome have specific features:

  Clinical Findings in Down’s Syndrome patients:

  1- Mental retardation (severe)

  2- Epicanthal folds


                                                                                           3- Brushfield Spots    


  4- Simian crease


  5- Decreased alpha fetoprotein in blood is also associated with Down’s patients.

      Hope this article was informative. Find the abnormalites related to old paternal age as in my next article.

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  1. Nature seems to be aware of this, as most women are more fertile in younger years, and Doctors have told women for a long time that there is a greater risk to having children when one is in their thirties.

  2. Very interesting!!

  3. This was the reason I don’t have a brother because daddy didn’t want my mom to haVe another baby because my mom had me when she was 30 years old and in the early 1970s you didn’t have babies that old. My sister and cousin both had their babies in mid to late 30s and ther kids turned out great. They are all ‘normal’ and have no problems and are all adoreable!

  4. ya. but 30 yrs is ok. 35+ matters more. Anyways i am happy to see the comments back :)

  5. Thanks dear :)

  6. What another wonderful article you have written learn t things all the way through the read.
    Best Wishes

  7. Downs Syndrome babies are a disaster for most, but those special chilodren give a lot to their families. They are extremely loving for the most part.

  8. ya they are. And parents mostly try to develop specific skills in them to help them live a better life.

  9. great share.Agree with smoky

  10. thanks for appreciation. Read also about diseases associated with paternal old age in the below article:

  11. Achondroplasia for aging males and Down’s for aging females…
    Fair enough, right?:-) None of the sexes left out…

    Very interesting, by the way.

    Thank you:-)

  12. ya:) diseases tend not to spare any sex nor age. so spread the word to avoid abnormalities in future generations.

  13. Thanks for sharing this informative article.

  14. My daughter ( who I had when I was 23), had a baby with Down’s when she was only 22.
    I also had another typical child in my 39th year, so age isn’t always the determining factor when it comes to chromosome abnormalities.

  15. Absolutely informative Dr. Drabia! You are truly broadening our knowledge on health issues!

  16. Very interesting and well researched.

  17. thanks for the compliment. read also

  18. so informative!

  19. Thanks for the info

  20. Shared this one to one of my friend.

  21. Very informative. Thanks for this post.

  22. wow very Interesting, I knew there were complications but didnt realized how severe it could be.

  23. My son came out normal at my advanced age of birth but the possibility is of course greater as we age. I am with a former commenter Karen, age isn’t always the factor but definitely something to think about. Thanks for sharing.:)

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