Dried Plums, Best Fruits for Bones

Finally there is a solution to meet the needs of the bone besides milk.

Desperate need of bone calcium to strengthen bones and keep nonporous. Women are more prone to osteoporosis, you should pay attention to calcium intake. So far, the best known source of calcium is milk. But the fat in milk makes us reluctant to eat them regularly.

A machine to measure bone density to check for osteoporosis in the elderly and other vulnerable subjects. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Although there has been milk with low-fat label, the price is relatively more expensive and fears it will be easy fat still haunt her. Luckily, the most recent discoveries about osteoporosis found a solution to this problem.

Prune, dried plum, proved capable of increasing bone density after the women consumed on a regular basis every day for a year. Fruit is still a family with peach and cherry is usually dark purple or red, with thick flesh and seeds solid in the middle of the fruit. In Indonesia dried prune easily found in the ranks of candy and sweets in supermarkets that provide food import.

In the study, one hundred people who had been menopausal women were randomly assigned to consume 100 grams of prunes, testing was conducted under the supervision of diet, activity level, height and weight, blood samples and bone mineral density scan (BMD) over a period of 12 months to measure levels of calcium and other minerals in bone. Low density levels indicate a higher risk of thinning.

The result, prunes can increase bone density, especially in the area of ??the spine and forearm bones. Prune contains vitamins C, K, phytochemicals and antioxidants that help maintain bone tissue and slow the release of micro-particles that lead to bone thinning. Prunes are also high in Boron, a mineral that can increase bone density by helping calcium absorption more effective.

No fat, high in fiber, contain antioxidants and are usually dried in sugar free, prune to the healthiest snack for women, both for health and beauty. Let’s, always provide prune in your bag and say goodbye to bone loss problem!

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