Drinking Alcohol Makes Psoriasis Worse

Psoriasis is an autoimmune skin disoder made worse by drinking alcohol.

Psoriasis is an chronic, reoccurring, autoimmune disorder that not only makes the patient’s skin develop an unsightly rash, but damages the skin and increases the risk of developing other chronic diseases like arthritis.

Psoriasis in a common disorder, afflicting millions of people, and unfortunately there is no current cure for psoriasis. Drinking alcohol makes it worse and often renders the psoriasis treatment ineffective.

A patient with psoriasis is at best self-conscious about the appearance of the skin, especially if the red scaly patches of psoriasis appear on the face, neck or hands, and at worst disabled by the pain. The self-conscious or pain-riddled person may become less social and isolated, often compensating with increased alcohol consumption. Drinking alcohol makes the psoriasis worse, adding to the patient’s anxiety, pain and isolation and a vicious cycle begins.

With no cure for this autoimmune skin disease, behavior modification and adherence to your doctor’s treatment plan is the only help to control the severity of psoriasis and frequency of skin outbreaks.

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