Early Warning Signs of Serious Disease

The symptoms can sometimes be trivial, but they could save your life too.

Men usually take less care of their own well-being. It is not that they do not care of their health but they tend be more carefree when it comes to health matters. Sometimes, all the signs and warnings of serious diseases are there in front of their eyes but they just could not see them. It is typical for human, be it a man or a woman that it takes less effort not caring to know rather than getting to know something, and sometimes it is all because it is not written and seen and readable. Therefore, I did list below a few things that can be the early signs of very serious diseases. However, these signs are not only applicable to men, but to women as well.

Chest Pains

Chest pains are among the vague signs that lead to heart diseases. Chronic chest pains could be the results that insufficient blood is being pumped by the heart as well as the fact that the heart is working less efficiently. All these things are contributory to heart complications.

Drastic Weight Loss

Well, we all know that just like women, men too enjoy looking attractive with the ideal weight, but beware! If you have been experiencing a drastic weight-loss without much trying then something is certainly wrong. Make effort to have a medical check up because this is one of the signs that a person having cancer.

Swollen Feet

Do you think it is normal? Well, you should think again. When you are faced with a swollen feet or parts of the feet, it is one of those early signs of disease like heart or liver or even kidney disease. Swollen feet too are one of the symptoms of gout because this disease involves swelling at joints around the feet.

Frequent Toilet Visits (for Men, Especially)

No, it is not that you are having a diarrhea. Do you often experience the frequent need to use the restroom during the night to pee especially? Who could have thought, that this is a sign of prostate cancer disease? There maybe a gradual growth of the prostates that could leads to prostate cancer. Besides that, it could even mean to be one of those trivial signs of heart and kidney diseases.

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  1. Good information to everyone.If one does not have these symptoms they can perhaps pass the knowledge to another.

  2. i would pass this information to all of my friends…very useful article for sufferers and fit people both.

  3. Very informative article. You have obviously done some research and I hope this helps some people.

  4. Hope people take note of the tips given here and take beter care of their health

  5. Very informative article. I guess it’s best to listen to our own body.

  6. Awesome tips – I gage everyone’s health including my own by these few signs – nausea, not having regular bowel movements, not having menstrual cycles or weight loss without trying.

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