Ease Acid Reflux Pain

Heart burn or acid reflux is an uncomfortable pain that usually needs some type of temporary relieve. There are four things you can do beside surgery.

Do you suffer from heart burn? What is the definition for it? People who suffer from heart burn experienced a burning sensation in the chest, or discomfort in the back of the throat, or a sour taste when the food comes back up.

Women and pregnant women suffer more than men. Weight is another factor. If you gain six pounds over your normal weight, you are up 38 percents in having acid reflux.

Five things you can do to ease acid reflux or heart burn pain.

Chew Gum

Chewing increases saliva flow, which helps washing down stomach acid from your esophagus. Chooz gum contains an antacid, and is available online.


Pay close attention to what you eat since a certain types of food can cause discomfort. Do not eat too close to bed time, because heart burn usually attacks at night. Make sure you drink lot of water to flush stomach acid.

Temporary Relief Antacids

Tums, or Rolaids, or Mylanta is available at over-the-counter drug section of the store. You can use this antacid for temporary relieve. However, you might need to talk to your physician if you take more than three to four times a week. Your doctor might suggest surgery for extreme case, or might just give you a prescription for medication.

Elevate the Head of Your Bed

Gravity is your best defense. Raise your head up, and lie on your side to keep stomach acid down.

Surgery Options

If you are considered having surgery to stop acid reflux pain, there is a new procedure called Plicator, which creates pleat to tighten the weak valve by a stapling device.

The new procedure with Plicator takes about 20 minutes, and has a major improvement in symptoms compares to traditional surgery.

The traditional procedure for gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) involves wrapping the top of the stomach around the lower esophagus to tighten the floppy valve.

These two options are performed under general anesthesia and require a one to three day hospital stay and at least two weeks recovery period.

Foods and drinks are the major contributor to acid reflux. Do whatever you can to avoid the heart burn first before you decide on having surgery.

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  1. Wonderful information, Icy.

  2. Very good information, Icy. I am grateful I do not have this problem. I do know people who do though and I think this is worth passing on to them.

    Thank you.

  3. Good information Icy. I’m happy to say I don’t have this problem, but this should help those that do.

  4. You did a great job! I’m sure these tips will be really helpful for people who have acid reflux.

  5. Thank goodness, I do not have this problem, but I have a daughter who does, so I will share this info with her. Thank you.

  6. great article with great information! I’ll pass this on to family members with acid reflux. Thanks

  7. Thanks for your great info here! Take care!

  8. Fascinating article.

  9. You sure did a fine job on this article Icy! So very many people suffer from some sort of acid reflux, if not careful it can become Ulcers. Your article is well researched and I hope many are helped after reading.

  10. I have had this only when I was pregnant and was told the baby will have hair. That was true, she did! It wasn’t a pleasant thing to have and feel for people who regularly suffer with it.

  11. great article! It has a lot of good information ;)

  12. Thank you. Acid reflux is a problem and this info will help. You did good.

  13. You do so much research on all your articles. Thanks for the valuable information. You’re an awesome writer!

  14. My mother is having a terrible time with reflux she had an endoscopy and they tore her stomach and was in hospital for three months she is now home and is unable to eat anything apart from porridge, custard etc if she even tries a bit of solid food she is sick and then continually brings up like a clear slime type substance I am at my wits end trying to think of things to help her any advice or help would be really appreciated

  15. Thank’s for the great tips on the acid reflux!

  16. Try apple cider vinegar and candied ginger. It works for some people because these food provide a soothing effect.

    These are some of the popular natural remedies for acid reflux.

  17. Almonds also work for many people as a quick way to help heartburn. One good thing about almonds is that they’re easy to carry with you if you do find them helpful. They also have healthy fat, so there are health benefits beyond helping the heartburn. Just don’t overdo it since they are a little high in calories.

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