Effectively Fight Prostate Cancer

A low fat diet is necessary for prostate health.

There are some super foods that may be super beneficial.

Citrus fruits contain pectin.  It is mostly found in the peels of fruit like orange and lemon.  ‘Zesting’ is a great way to take advantage of this wonder food.  Simply scrap small amounts of the peel over your deserts and salads.  Pectin is a fiber that helps fight off cancer.

Fish is full of Omega-3 fatty acids.  It is known now that those who eat foods high in these fats instead of saturated fats are less likely to get cancer due to elevated prostate specific antigens.

Tomatoes are loaded with lycopene, which has anticancer properties.

Soy is known to retard cancer cell growth! 

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  1. Excellent tips.

  2. Good Post

  3. Thanks for the info about soy retarding cancer. Is that only for prostate cancer? I thought I read it caused estrogen to rise in women and gave them breast cancer. Thanks for the whole article. Interesting subject and VERY well written!

  4. I have all these in my diet!

  5. That’s nice. Good info.

  6. If only my grandad knew this about 8 years ago, he had prostae cancer, luckily though he got through it. Tough time for him though, thanks for the share.

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