Effects of Sunlight on The Skin. Little History of Sun Protection

Every year, same story: you can not turn a magazine page or to access a site dedicated to the ladies, no one item that you do not want to remember how important sun protection and should not you never miss your sunscreen in the bag.

Efectele soarelui asupra pielii. Mica istorie a protectiei solareEffects of sunlight on the skin. Little history of sun protection

Before you sigh and think to come out on this page, you propose to think of one thing: if it were not so important, why they should bother everyone to summarize the same information over and over?

To decide what is best for you and your health, find your patience to browse the information below. At least it’ll take a decision in full knowledge of the cause and, hopefully, you will understand that a chip nebrazdat of wrinkles can become a reality, even in old age.

The benefits of sunlight on skin

A cloudy sky will filter out 50% of UV rays, but the glass filters them completely. In general, this is good news, but that means no vitamin D synthesis is complete. Protection creams is the case. It seems that any cream that has an SPF greater than 8 creates a filter that blocks the synthesis of vitamin in bone.

On the other hand, studies in the field say that most people do not apply the required amount of cream, which means something, something can slip. But frankly, things related to “trunghiul Bermuda” – UV rays, protection creams and vitamin D - are far from clear.

Some researchers argue that moderate sun exposure (5 to 30 minutes), without protection in the early hours, twice a week is sufficient to ensure vitamin D synthesis in the body. People with limited sun exposure should include dietary supplements and vitamin D.

So let’s get to the next benefit. Remember the feeling of joy that will invade the spring when the sun gently warms us. Dreary days of winter are far and so depression or capricious moods. It seems that exposure to sunlight reduces fatigue and depression or treatment is “natural” for regulating heart rate and insomnia.

The negative effects of sunlight on skin

Yes, it is true that after only 3 to 4 decades, people spend hours on the beach, without reasoning, with only one goal: getting an olive skin, shiny, which brought an undeniable sex appeal Blessed carrier.

Like any love story, did not last long. I could try to frighten you, telling you that prolonged exposure to sunlight has cancer of the skin of a pandemic, making the pit as soon as the cancer spread throughout the world.

This despite the fact that it is probably the easiest to prevent. The greatest ally of these diseases and the man who still maintain the supremacy of human factor indifference and lack of information.

For most of us have mastered the slogan “I do not see can happen,” I tell you something: those deep wrinkles of plow a furrow as you see the faces of the elderly are caused in 90% of the sun. Not so you want 60 years of age to have a skin stretched 80% more than the ladies of today?

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