Emphysema: Two Methods That Will Improve Your Breathing

Emphysema cannot be cured and while some medications help, the real answer to the breathing problem is exercise. And how do I know? I have Emphysema.

Description:  Emphysema cannot be cured and while some medications help, the real answer to the breathing problem is exercise.  And how do I know?  I have Emphysema.

Technically speaking emphysema is a problem of restricted airflow resulting from loss of elasticity in the lungs.  In other words, exhaling gets really tough and you have the sensation of suffocating.  A more contemporary term for ‘breathing’ problems in general in COPD  (Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease).  The medical treatment for this disease (calling emphysema a disease is like calling a broken leg a disease) are inhalers such as Combivent .  There are a variety of medications that work, but all of them are short term; anywhere from a couple of hours to one day.  Most of these products are very effective in relieving the problem, but they do not improve elasticity of the lung itself.

In my own life what I found that really works long term and greatly improves my life style is aerobic exercise coupled with maintaining a diet.  Why diet?  The problem with being overweight is that it increases pressure on the lungs .  If you have Emphysema and you overeat at that great family Thanksgiving dinner you will feel like you can’t catch your breath.  Losing weight will greatly improve your breathing.

If you are extremely strong willed then counting calories is the way to go because you don’t have to decide what to eat, you simply eat less of everything.  The following web site is an excellent source for counting calories: Calorie Count .   If you decide on popular diet you might want to visit the following web site : South Beach  .  Regardless of the diet you select make sure you are getting enough nutrition.   It is just plain foolish to diet without getting appropriate counseling in nutrition.  Most people can find this out for themselves in books and on the net, but some need to check it out with their family doctor especially those of us who have Emphysema.

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