Essentials for Good Health Part Four

Essential Health Tips.

Tip 19:Make Something

Create, or draw a picture, redecorate a room, make a flower arrangement, write a poem, cook a meal, bake some cookies — the genuine feeling of accomplishment you get from creating something can be a great secret of health and longevity.

Plus the act of creation is inherently empowering.

Transfer that take-charge feeling to other areas of your life and you’ve got a great recipe for success.

Man Drawing

Tip 20:Be Happy for Others

Sharing somebody else’s success brings us back to a feeling of community, and celebrating as a community is one of life’s finest pleasures.

Take a moment to call and say congratulations, or “I’m so happy for you”, and mean it!

Jealousy should have no place in your life. Jealousy is a useless, destructive emotion with no positive outcome.

Happy Face

Tip 21:Eat Tomatoes

Tomatoes have been linked to a 40 percent lower incidence of stomach, colon and bladder cancer.

And tomato eaters often have higher blood levels of lycopene, an antioxidant that protects cells from damage.

Although these red beauties are wonderful fresh off the vine, cooking tomatoes with fat, such as olive oil and cheese, seems to release lycopene in a form more easily absorbed by the body.

And don’t forget…the tomato is actually a fruit, not a vegetable!

Eat Tomatoes

Tip 22:Build a Snowman

This simple activity incorporates so many excellent elements.

First, you cannot create and assemble these giant snowballs

without elevating your heart rate and sustaining it for a decent length of time,

which is good for your heart and lungs.

You’re buliding the snowman either with somebody or for somebody,

so it’s rewarding on an emotional level.

You’re outside, breathing fresh air. The many decisions about

facial characteristics for your snowman put your creative juices into play.

Best of all, you’re having fun. Live in a sunny climate? Build a sandcastle.


Tip 23:Rearrange the Living Room

Never underestimate the value of a different visual perspective.

Maybe putting the couch over there affords you a magnificent view of the neighbor’s willow tree or lets you read the paper while basking in the morning sun.

The simple act of rearranging furniture can actually get you out of a rut — you’re greeted with a different sight when you enter the room and you might even fall in love with your house all over again.

Or maybe you’ll decide you liked the living room better the way it was, in which case all you get is a good cardiovascular workout.

Living Room

Tip 24:Plant Something

Drop a seed in dirt and you can experience the profound and fundamental connection with the earth that has been present since the dawn of mankind.

One seed represents the miracle of birth, the cycle of life and even a lesson in responsibility. One seed can bring flowers to please the eye or herbs to please the palate.

No matter what comes from the one seed, you made it. You created life — with help from a little sun and water you will sustain it. Give yourself this powerful, yet simple gift.

Girl Planting

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