Eucalyptus Treating Respiratory Diseases

Eucalyptus tree is a native of Australia and Tasmania, known for its therapeutic properties, especially in respiratory illnesses. From using eucalyptus leaves emit a strong aromatic smell and taste bitter, astringent, refreshing.

The leaves contain volatile oil, mainly represented by eucalyptol, like tannins, resins, wax, flavonoids. The volatile oil of eucalyptus and preparations have antiseptic properties, expectorant, reduces inflammation and secretions from the airways. Principles of eucalyptus essential oil penetrate the skin and body massage is performed if the chest.

Eucalyptus preparations are recommended respiratory infections, bronchitis, whooping cough, pleurisy, and flu, colds and sinusitis. Infusion of eucalyptus leaves are cooked in a teaspoon of the herb we pour 200 ml boiling water. Leave to infuse for ten minutes then strain and drink warm.

The syrup is used as an expectorant and respiratory antiseptic. It is made of 20 grams of leaves infused in 300 ml of boiling water. After screening, add 300 grams of sugar and simmer until syrupy. The need to take every four – six tablespoons of syrup per day.

In case of sinusitis, runny nose or headache are inhalations for 10, 15 minutes, the vapor leaves infused in boiling water or adding a few drops of essential oil.

For fluidisation and removal of bronchial secretions to take three, five drops of eucalyptus oil placed on a piece of bread or sugar. Oil does not dissolve in water or tea.

In case of fatigue, headaches, fatigue, headache, place in water bath 10 to 15 drops, or make strong massage on the temples and forehead. The oil is invigorating effect, refresh the body.

The bone pain, especially caused by the change of time, compress the decoction of leaves and essential oil. In skin diseases, eucalyptus can be used with good results in the form of baths, compresses, lotions, bath local or general.

Besides the essential oil and eucalyptus leaves for infusions, natural products stores, the pharmacies are located Plafar and candy with eucalyptus recommended against sore throat and stuffy nose. Usually, children do not like these candies because too aggressive flavor and taste strongly astringent and refreshing.

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