Exactly Overcome & Stuffy Runny Nose!

Sorry for the little guy when the cold comes to attack. His sleep became restless because of difficulty breathing due to nasal congestion. So even if his nose is always runny. Duh, it’s definitely not comfortable! Especially if your child can not blow his nose alone.Confusion must be how?
Let’s read Dr. Elizabeth Hutapea SpA explanation regarding when a child cope with a cold!


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Causes and Type
Cold is an inflammation of the nose are most commonly caused by a virus Rhinovirus. In addition to any other cause could be due to viral and bacterial allergy – are rare. For colds caused by bacteria, is characterized by a cold sore that does not improve for more than seven days.
While colds are caused by viruses, Moms sufficient to prevent the mask and then asup nutritious and healthy foods provide vitamins to keep your immune. Also by asking the child to rest and drink a lot.
Moms have to do if a friend or neighbor a cold, keep your child so that he is not infected. Because the common cold virus is easily transmitted. In addition to the causes, there are two kinds of cold, ie runny runny nose (called mucus) and the compressed cold (stuffy nose). So, recognize your child suffered a cold, so proper handling.
Colds ALARM!
Colds because the virus usually will heal by itself, no more than seven days (a week) or may vary (can be less than seven days).However, when colds occurred more than seven days, you should consult your pediatrician to see if there are other things, allergies, for example.
Do not ignore the cold when your child does not go away, it could be symptoms of sinusitis or complications of sinusitis and otitis media.Usually the age of the children is more common otitis media (middle ear inflammation or congek) because the distance between the eardrum to the nose is still short. Prolonged cold so could result in his ears. If this happens will certainly affect the hearing of the child.
Runny nose tackle
1. If your child is under one year, you should first consult Moms of all drugs and how the pediatrician because of all the medicines that are given the form of drops (liquid).
2. If your child is aged over two years, Moms can give OTC (Over the Counter) specifically for the little guy.
3. If your child can remove their own snot use disposable paper towels and discard immediately. Avoid using a handkerchief can become a medium of transmission of germs.
4. If your child can not remove their own snot, snot Moms can use the vacuum. Remember, cleaning equipment should be maintained.Finish is used, immediately cleaned and then stored, so that it can be reused.
Nose tackle congestion
1. Provide adequate basin filled with warm water is still steaming hot.
2. Use a towel to wrap the body tightly to his head.
3. Breathe warm steam was several times until the nose was relieved of incompressible.
4. Not recommended to use lemon juice, the type panghangat, oils with certain fragrant steam or any kind of aroma therapy in warm water to be inhaled. Because this could trigger irritation reactions, such as coughing or shortness that will actually worsen the condition of the child. Tries do not try to solve its own congestion in a way that research results can not be accounted for truth!
5. Moms can membalurkan heating balm (balsam transpulmin) in the chest, neck and back that can help relieve breathing that there had been the result of studies should be done.
6. If your child suddenly hard to breathe while sleeping at night because her nose compressed, Moms can provide nose drops (saline, physiological saline) is sterile and safe. NOT homemade saline! It can actually be dangerous because of the concentration / mixture of salt and water may be too liquid or too thick. If too thick, liquid salt will draw fluids from the nose. Whereas when it is too liquid, the liquid will go into the nose and it could be dangerous.Sterile physiological itself means safe and will not be absorbed by the nose because of the concentration is equal to the blood. NaCl concentration has a value of 0.9 per cent and certainly could not make it any Moms with salt at home.

7. When congestion occurs in infants under 6 months, Moms can help position your baby to sleep on their side or stomach. These two positions can help to relieve breathing. Another case when the child is over the age of 1 year. He can find a comfortable position for him when his nose is blocked. Moms can help warm up the road by giving balsam heated breathing in the chest, neck and back to relieve congestion in the nose.
8. AC temperature not too cold so as not to add a little nasal blockage.

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