Fasting and Eye Floaters

Fasting helps eye floaters.

When a person fasts the body instead of using energy on digesting food uses that energy to clear the body of toxins. Eye floaters are caused by toxins in your eyes. So when you fast your eye floaters will decrease and if you fast long enough you will rid yourself of them completly. Eye floaters usually indicate that you have a lot of toxins in your body because the eyes are the last place that the body would want to place these toxins. During a fast the areas with the most toxins are cleared out first. This means that it could take a little while for the eye floaters to go away. The floaters will however leave you forever eventually. The most important thing to remember is that floaters are toxins and if you think toxically they will stay with you. If you eat toxically they will stay with you. So to rid yourself of pesky eye floaters you need to fast from toxic foods and toxic thoughts.

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