First Aid in Heart Attacks

Heart Attack?What should you do when it happen??This article will help you guys ^_^

For example the present at 6 pm after your busy day’s work, you’re on the way back to driving a car … alone!

You are very tense and did not feel well …
Suddenly you feel pain in your chest that starts to radiate to the arms and chin. Heart Attack!
But … the distance to the nearest hospital is still very much, worse still you do not know whether it can to make it that far.
Supposed to do?
When alone, have a heart attack, how to help first?

A person can not be beat when the heart was normal, and was nearly fainting, he had only about 10 seconds!, After which it will lose consciousness and unconsciousness. If no one around who can give first aid, the patient must use 10 seconds of this short and try to help themselves individually.

Supposed to do?

The answer:

Do not panic!
- Try to cough continues with a vengeance!
- Every time before a cough, must inhale deeply.
- Then the coughing with hard, deep and long-term, as if to remove phlegm in the chest.
- Each interval of 2 seconds, should all take a deep breath and coughing so until help arrives, or until the heart rate is normal to feel a new, may break.

Deep breaths, to incorporate oxygen into the lungs. And coughing movements squeeze the heart and keep the blood circulating. Pressing the heart can also help your heart rate returns to normal. Help in this way is that people have the opportunity to go to the hospital.

It should be understood not think the age of about 25 or 30 years may not have a heart attack. Due to changes in the present way of life, a heart attack may strike all age levels. Beware!

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  1. Great article, my father died from a heart attack…

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