Five Jobs That Colour Blind People Can’t Do

A list of jobs that are inacessible to the colour blind.

With the jobs market being so competitive at present, the barrier for entry into many careers is incredibly high. It is not uncommon to hear of candidates applying for hundreds of jobs over a period of months of even years and not securing a position. Highly qualified candidates are being forced to apply for positions they wouldn’t have even considered in a stable market out of pure desperation. Millions are unemployed and a whole generation of 16-24 year olds are being left out in the cold by this highly competitive situation brought about by the recession.

If you thought you were hard done by in the current economic climate however, spare a thought for those who are constantly facing difficulties finding work due to factors outside their control. One group that face exclusion from a number of jobs are those suffering from colour blindness. This a condition affecting the eye’s perception of colour meaning that what normally-sighted people see as red, a colour blind person may see as green, for example.

Here are five common careers that colour blindness sufferers face exclusion from:

1.       Airline Pilot

Piloting an aircraft relies on referring to a large number of coloured coded metrics and signals delivering information about climactic conditions and the aircraft itself. The stereotypical image of a pilot is one the wears Ray Ban wayfarer sunglasses, but it is vital that pilots are constantly in tune with exactly what is going on around them at any one time, unfortunately this prohibits sufferers colour blindness.

2.       Hair Stylist

Unless you want to work in a London salon, it is highly likely that stylists will also double up as hair colourists. In this case it is easy to see why the colour blind are exempt from such a job. Red hair is in vogue at the moment but it’s doubtful that a salon’s clientele will be happy with shades of green at the hands of a colour-blind stylist!

3.       Electrician

If you paid any attention in physics classes at school, you’ll know how to wire a plug, or at least know that mixing up the colour coded wires can result in a nasty shock. On a larger scale an equivalent mix up could prove to be fatal, the colour blind are advised to steer clear of such a career choice.

4.       Fire-fighter

In the fire service, colour is relied on to identify and select certain pieces of equipment. Fire extinguishers for example come in many different varieties to deal with different kinds of fire, these are colour coded, using a water extinguisher on an electrical fire for example would not be wise…

5.       Baggage Handler

Interestingly, working at an Airport puts perfect vision at a premium; bags are often labelled with coloured coded symbols indicating what type of material lies inside. This dictates whether or not they can be placed on flights, placing the wrong package on a flight could cause a catastrophe…

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