Five Things You Need to Know About Swine Flu

Five things that you need to know about swine flu.

Swine flu is transmitted through respiratory droplets in the same way as the common cold.

Everybody knows someone who has, or has had the infamous swine flu, because of this people get paranoid and think that just because they are around people who have had it, they will get it. This is not true.

When someone gets swine flu the body tries to combat it and producies antibodies which kill the virus and eventually you will feel normal again. IF you happen to get swine flu a second time the antibodies are already there and can combat the virus quicker then the first time.


Q: why cant we just get a vaccine

A: the vaccine at the moment is in development and still being tested however there is a basic vaccine at the moment but its not being used for a reason.

The reason is because viruses such as swine flu can mutate and get stronger very quickly. This is how it happend in the first place. Originally swine flu could only effect pigs but it mutated so it could transmit in humans.

5 Things you can do ..?

1. Try not to touch your face as much as you normally would.

2. Wash your hands at every opputunity.

3. If your going to the movies, book the whole theatre so you dont have to sit next to someone that might have swine flu.

4. Avoid going to places were there are large gatherings of people. e.g. shops, church, theme parks, ten pin bowling.

5. If you do get swine flu, you should not be selfish, kill yourself for the good of the world.

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