Foods That Can be Overcome Headache

Do you often get headaches? The following foods will help you overcome this problem.

Headache, Cephalalgia or medically known, is a condition of pain in the head. Sometimes there is pain in the back of the head, neck or over your head.

When it comes headaches, usually you may be taking pain relief medication, or choose to sleep. But, you know that some foods can prevent and even relieve headaches?

Before relying on medication, try following the consumption of four foods, which was launched by medicmagic, Friday (3/2). Content therein will help you to relieve headaches.


According to Stella Metsova, nutritionist from California, dehydration is the biggest cause of the emergence of a headache. So, when the weather is hot and you feel dizzy, could it happen because your body hydrated.

Try to consume fruits and vegetables that contain lots of water, such as watermelon. ”A lot of vegetables and fruits that contain high nutrients and fluids. This is key to preventing and treating headaches,” said Metsova.

2.Wheat Bread

To you who are on a low carb diet program, so be careful.Carbohydrate intake is too little, it makes you have a headache.

“When you have such a low-carbohydrate diet, glycogen storage will be depleted. Glycogen is an energy source in the brain, so when supply decreases will appear dull ache in the head,” said Erin Palinski, a diet expert.

You must still meet the needs of carbohydrates, try to eat healthy carbohydrates such as whole wheat bread or brown rice, which is rich in fiber.


A study had found that magnesium, which is widely available in almond, can relieve headaches. Magnesium serves to make the blood vessels are not tight, so the blood circulation so more smoothly and effectively.

Someone who often suffer from migraine, it is advisable to eat foods rich in magnesium, such as, bananas, avocados, almonds and brown rice.


Sudden attack of headache, it could be a signal that your body’s calcium deficiency. By Palinski, the brain is dependent on calcium to function efficiently and effectively. To meet the needs of you can eat yogurt or milk.

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